New Year’s Resolutions Suck for Business Owners!

New Year’s resolutions suck for business owners! 2012 has now come and gone. Was it a good year? Why?Was it a bad year? Why?About six weeks ago we slowed down to embrace the tradition of Thanksgiving. A time to celebrate the historical roots in religion and cultural traditions that reflect the start of the original celebration in 1621at Plymouth and is now part and parcel of living in the United States of America.As Christmas approaches we also slow down and embrace the religious celebration of the birth of Christ and enjoy a special time with family and friends including the cultural and traditional themes that are part of our lives.We then roll right into the New Year by celebrating New Years Eve and then New Years Day with all its hope and optimism of leaving the last year behind us and embracing what we hope will be good things for the next year.By tradition, many sit down and give thought to positive changes they wish to make in the New Year and we call them New Year’s resolutions.My take for 2013 however is that New Year’s resolutions suck. They suck because they are about promises we make to ourselves during a quiet time. Often they are an attempt to relieve some guilt we may be feeling, for example, a wish to lose weight, give up smoking and start going to fitness classes to name a few. It takes 21 days to make a new habit. We all work from habits. On that basis we can change about 1 thing per month which is a total of 12 things for the year if we set our minds to it.Don’t get me wrong, promises are nice as it means thought has been given to what we could do better. The alternative is to give no thought to what to do better which then leads us to the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.So if you are optimistic about 2013 that’s the place to start. And without question, you should be. The third quarter of 2012 saw annual GDP grow at just on 3%. That means the recession is well and truly over. The Presidential election is now finalized and historically, the second term of the incumbent President is normally the best for the economy as the President is not able to stand for election again and uses their first term in office to learn the most difficult job in the world. In addition, the fiscal cliff is now off the table. So there are no excuses for procrastination but only reasons to take positive and aggressive action.Action means getting things done. It means creating a simple list, putting the items into priority and then taking action. Real simple and real easy. Ready, aim and fire.So forget New Year’s resolutions. They are an excuse to procrastinate. So what is on your action list for 2013? What are your priorities? Are you making promises you will do certain things if certain things happen? If so, clear your head, get rid of the excuses and start taking action. And make sure you measure it. If you cannot measure it you cannot manage it. If you want to do it the right way, have someone else do the measuring for you so you are held accountable.My hope for you always, is that you enjoy… good things… and that you take massive amounts of action in 2013 to make it your best year ever.